Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci
Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci
Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci



Nowadays the castle still keeps its original Baroque shape, in spite of the historicistic extensions. Until the collapse of its southern and western parts, the castle kept its closed, Renaissance form. The later design of the Castle in Beltinci is of a one storey, originally four-sided brick building (parts of the southern and western sides are missing). The central eastern facade has 13 axes and is defined by an important portal, rustic in style, in the middle on the ground floor, with a crenel added on every side. The tub-shaped vaulted entrance hall leads to the castle yard, where columns with arcades were additionally built on its tracts. On the ground floor the arcades are open, and on the first floor they are closed. Both arcade ceilings are vaulted in a cross shape.


The Parish church of St. Ladislav in Beltinci is one of the most important architectural monuments of the late 19 th century in Prekmurje. In fact, the building was erected in 1742, but was thoroughly restored and enlarged between 1893 and 1895 by the Viennese architect Max von Ferstl. In Maria's Chapel, there is the family tomb of the Zichy noble family. The Chapel’s interior is decorated in Neo-classical style.  The shallow relief of Madonna with a child is well worth mentioning, for the relief of The Madonna with Child from Beltinci is an important example of the otherwise poor sculptural legacy dating from the early Renaissance period in Slovenia.
A smaller copy of St. Teodor's Column of Venice decorates the church’s surrounding, together with an original Venetian fountain next to it, dating back to 17 th or 18th century.

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