Dol po Muri - Down to River 

The tourists can also get special experience by rafting down the river Mura

The Mura river with it′s spring in Austria, slows down it′s flow entering Slovenia and winds through generous plain towards the Drava river. Parts of unique riverine landscape are still preserved along the Mura river.

From May to October this typical lawland river is very popular for navigation, whether in canoe, wooden boat, kayak or raft.

Sightseeing: beauties of natural environment, variety of rare animals and plants, floating mills, ferries, Copper Age settlement in Gradišče by Šafarsko. You can enrich your adventure by visiting presentations of old customs such as »büjraštvo« - consolidation of riverbanks, brickworks, miller′s trade, ferrying, production of flax or one of traditional events by the Mura river.

Let′s go down the Mura river and enjoy!

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