Melinci is a riverside village defined by road axis connecting it with neighbouring villages Ižakovci and Bistrica and the municipal centre Beltinci. On the east side it is surrounded by flood forest, and on the west side by fields. In the past the villagers had to fight repeatedly with the untamable river. The legend says that brothers Cyril and Methodius crossed the Mura river in Melinci.
Melinci is known for traditional brickworks. The presentation of the manufacture of bricks is being held at the annual festival Ciglarski dnevi (Days of Brickworks) in Ciglarsko naselje (Brickmakers' Settlement). The ferry has been plying across the Mura river for decades. The village chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows, was built in 1913.

Permanent offer:

  • ferrying

Programme upon prior request:

  • demonstration of brick manufacture

Recommended traditional event: Days of Brickworks at the Mura River.

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