Natural And Cultural Heritage


The surface of the municipality Beltinci is very uniform, for it lies completely on the alluvial plain on the left bank of the Mura river. The groves along the river and the forest Hraščica are of special ecological and nature-preservation importance for the municipality. That is evident from the fact that the river Mura, together with a belt of swamp woods is treaten as a special nature reserve (Natura2000).
Ecological conditions for the existence of in the past large and vital population of, for example lamprey, have been inadequate for some time, yet this is the home of some rare and endangered species of birds, fishes, amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies, bugs, mollusks, spiders and other invertebrates. Among the flora, belong in this group, various water and dampness loving species along with attenuating arheofits and in the past quite common weeds.

The Mura River
The river Mura springs in Hohe Tauern in Austria and is 444 km long. It mouths into the river Drava near Legrad in Croatia. The river undergoes an interesting journey: starting as an alpine river it turns into a flatland river in Slovenia. The latter used to need a wide river space with numerous meanders, sideway river branches, bays, gravel pits, flooded groves and lethargies.
Nowadays the vast part of the river is lead into a permanent riverbed. Nevertheless, one can still find many plant and animal species alongside the Mura – species that have vanished completely elsewhere due to the destructive influence of mankind.
In the past there were many mills on the river, which were of great economic importance. Nowadays there are two mills on the river, but only the one in Ižakovci is a floating  mill.
In the past the ford was  an indispensable mode of transport and today it is a witness of the past time and a tourist sight. Beltinci commune preserves the old tradition of crossing the river Mura with a ford in Ižakovci and Melinci.

The Park

Once upon a time there were two parks in Beltinci, »the big one« and »the small one«.
In the present, only the big park, surrounding the Beltinci Castle, is partly preserved. Once extending over 14 ha the park included over 1600 tree species (half of them exotic trees) and 600 species of shrubbery. Some important samples of exotic trees still remain.

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