Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci
Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci
Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci



The project is implemented in the Annual Action Plan of
the Local Action Group LAG Pri dobrih ljudeh/With the kind people 2010

Leading Partner: ZTK Beltinci (Office for tourism and culture)
Partners in project: Municipality Beltinci, KUD Beltinci (Culture and Art Association), DKLI Ižakovci (Association for Culture, and Oral Tradition).
Value of the Project: 21.420,00€

In the past, handicrafts and domestic activities played a very important role. In a village, the concept helping each other was of paramount importance, especially during periods of extensive rural activities. In the Municipality of Beltinci many of the traditional crafts still thrive today. Among them are knitting straw products in Lipovci, brick manufacturing in Melinci, cooperage in Gančani, artisan manufacturing of wooden troughs in Beltinci, flour milling, "büjraštvo" (reinforcement of the riverbed of the Mura river) and cultivation and processing of flax in Ižakovci.
Events that preserve old customs and folk traditions (whip cracking, riding old bicycles, playing the role of a "pozvačin" - a person who is inviting people to a weeding, etc.) are also interesting.
The wealth of the countryside, comprised of traditional occupations, manners and customs, ought to be preserved due to its representation of cultural heritage, which is also very appealing to tourists. A suitable promotion strategy with an implemented comprehensive set of communication tools is crucial for the successful mainstreaming of cultural heritage into the tourist offer.  
The project “Treasury of the Countryside of Beltinci” will contribute to the development of rural tourism. At the same time, it will also positively influence the preservation and the development of the countryside, especially in the fields of cultural heritage and high quality rural life. 
The main objective of the project is to link the providers of traditional crafts and customs, to encourage young women and unemployed persons to engage in rural activities, and to increase the name recognition value of the Municipality of Beltinci by launching a joint trademark.

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