Special Intent Hunting Ground Fazan 

The hunting ground, which has a long-standing tradition, nowadays operates under the aegis of the Slovenian Forest Service. The head office of the hunting ground is situated in Beltinci.  The hunting area extends over approx. 14,000 ha, the majority of which lies alongside the left bank of the river Mura, but a small portion of the hunting area  is also situated on the right bank. The hunting ground's main characteristic is represented by its location in the Pannonian world, a unique geographic region in Slovenia, which is famous for its flooded groves by the river Mura and in the Polana Forest, and for its rural landscape which still preserves its original appearance of  small cultivated areas, interlaced with lowland meadows. Since there are many beneficiaries of the aforementioned area in this unique part of Slovenia, the fundamental goal is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources; in other words, to manage game in a way that is natural to the environment and that will, at the same time, enable the preservation of all species for the future. Certain alternative forms of sustainable management of small wild game are also being introduced, e.g. falconry and hunting dog training/testing, especially the training/testing of pointers. 

The hunting ground is renowned for its large stock of small wild game, e.g. the European Hare, Grey Partridge and Common Pheasant. In the blind river branches of the river Mura, the Mallard is very common as well. The hunting ground is also praised for its large stock of deer. On the other hand, red deer and boar numbers are moderate due to the smaller portions of thick forests.

In the summertime, hunting guests can hunt for deer, whilst in the autumn and in the winter, they can set out on the hunt for small wild game, e.g. partridge, rabbit, pheasant and wild duck.

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