Natural And Cultural Heritage
Natural And Cultural Heritage
The Landscape along The Mura River

Preserved parts of the unique riverine landscape, variety of rare species of plants and animals...

Gastronomy and Wine
Gastronomy and Wine
Culinary Delights of Prekmurje

Home-made bread, smoked ham, gibanica, "pajani krüj", bograč ...

Traditional Crafts
Traditional Crafts Products

Indigenous crafts preserved up to the present time, unique handmade products...

Traditional Crafts

Besides modern accommodation possibilities also the traditional, nature and human friendlier...


The Municipality of Beltinci is a real treasury of touristic and cultural offer. The diversity of the settlements' opulent offer is displayed in natural beauties, cultural heritage, oral tradition, traditional handicrafts and customs, typical local cuisine and variegated activity of associations.

The Municipality of Beltinci is located on the left bank of the Mura river on the flat land of Prekmurje region. It covers an area of 62 square kilometres inhabitated by 8256 people living in eight settlements (Beltinci, Bratonci, Dokležovje, Gančani, Ižakovci, Lipa, Lipovci, Melinci), organized as Local Communities with their unique peculiarities and local characteristics.
The main natural wealth of the municipality is in the rich fertile soil. More than half of its area is covered with fields, gardens and orchards. The Mura river together with the flood forests is of special importance in the fields of ecology and environmental protection and belongs to the European nature protection area (Natura 2000).

The municipality is a geographically complete unit with rich cultural heritage, natural beauties, ethnographic diversity, rich oral tradition and well developed tourist infrastructure. The municipality offers perfect conditions for recreation like cycling, hiking and rafting on the Mura river.

The municipal boundaries are municipalities Murska Sobota, Moravske Toplice, Turnišče, Odranci, Črenšovci and Ljutomer.

  • Distance between Beltinci and some European cities:
  • Maribor – Beltinci : 67 km
  • Ljubljana – Beltinci: 192 km
  • Graz – Beltinci: 87 km
  • Zagreb – Beltinci: 132 km
  • Vienna – Beltinci: 288 km
  • Budapest – Beltinci: 222 km

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